Anniversaries can be tricky. There’s only so much you can do each year before you run out of ideas to keep your significant other on their toes. Luckily, there’s the Internet and awesome people like us to give you a few unique ideas! FYI, this applies to couples who have anniversary traditions as well. Traditions are nice, and if you can always return to them. Switch it up this year, and who knows – maybe one of these ideas will turn into your new tradition.


A dish from every country you’ve traveled to (or the most memorable ones)

You can’t go wrong with this one. Only been to two countries? Dinner and dessert. How about twelve countries? Appetizers for days. You can also just choose to incorporate your favorite or most memorable countries.  And who’s to say layovers don’t count; nothing says cultural diffusion like basing your dish off of that “authentic” chicken tikka you got in the airport at 1am. For all of you serious globetrotters out there, a dish for every country you travel each year might be a better option.  If you have never left this beautiful country we all call home, don’t fret; we’ve got more tricks up our sleeve.

Recreate your wedding menu

Couples romance 101 = recreate as many wedding and honeymoon memories as possible. In this case you can literally relive the tastes of your wedding night. This is perfect for celebrating your anniversary at home. You can cook your wedding menu dishes together, or choose a dish each and compete! You can get super romantic and pop in that wedding video you paid all that money for, or you can just watch Jeopardy! while you eat. Either way it’s all about reliving that first night together as a married couple, one bite at a time.

Have a food course for every year you’ve been together

Not married? Makes sense, about half of us aren’t (50.2% to be exact). Just because you’re not married doesn’t mean you don’t celebrate your anniversary. So why not have a food course for every year you’ve been together? Granted, for all you high school sweethearts this could add up quick, but this just means you’ll have anniversary leftovers to bring to work all week! This is also great for couples who aren’t the romantic type. You can order in, plop on the couch, and just enjoy each other’s company.

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Culinary Concept #5 – Pay it forward, never be hesitant to lend some milk to a neighbor in need.