Bat & Bar Mitzvahs

Bat & Bar Mitzvahs are times for joyous celebration as another child reaches the age of religious maturity. Parties in large dining halls or hotels are ideal for Bat and Bar Mitzvahs as they can accompany a large amount of people, though this leaves less room for variety.  If you plan on utilizing a large dining hall but still want your Bat or Bar mitzvah to be unique, try incorporating a seasonal theme. A Bat or Bar Mitzvah can fall on any date, but the seasons never change. Embrace the current season and let Mother Nature bring your party to life!


You would think the obvious choice for summer would to have a beach or luau themed party. But in order to really embrace summer and all of the vitamin D it provides, consider having your party outside. Most hotels and dining halls have an outdoor area, with many featuring beautiful landscapes in the background. This season also requires the least planning. All you have to plan for is the weather; the rest is taken care of, naturally.


Flowers, flowers and more flowers. Along with flowers consider adding some honey bees, rainbows and butterflies type decorations to the mix. This theme adds the security that no matter how bad the DJ or how cold the food, you can rest assured that your party will atleast be full of color and pleasant floral aromas.


Rustic, earthy colors: gold, amber, dark green and brown. These are the hues that remind us of Autumn and the beautiful variety nature can offer. Fall is the season of changing colors, and Fall colors should be used when planning a themed party in this season. You can also incorporate decorations like pumpkins, pinecones, apples, or leaves.  Any of the latter will only further highlight the stunning array of colors Fall brings each year.


Everyone loves a winter wonderland, and it will make the children feel as if they are in a movie. Fake snow, ice sculptures, tissue snowflakes. Combine these things with white, silver and gold table cloths and dinnerware and you will most certainly have a site to behold. Winter doesn’t always have to be cold and dreary, and this is the perfect way to highlight this.


Culinary Concept #9: Cake lover? Try substituting club soda instead of eggs and butter for a healthy twist.