Christmas catering with Culinary Concepts Corp. That’s some tasty alliteration, let’s see if we can come up with some more. (Ahem). You can count on us to conjure up creative catering ideas, because we feel food should be fun and help forge friendships. Ta dah! Now, let’s get down to business.

Tis’ the holiday season, so naturally, there will be holiday parties. Whose fate it will befall to organize such a party lies with Lady Luck alone. Culinary Concepts is just here to help any of the unlucky souls in charge of this year’s holiday party. Listed below are some unique ideas (that we will happily cater) for your annual company party, family get together, or any party that may be inspired by the holiday season.


Christmas Carol Karaoke

We don’t know why you would even bother reading the rest of this article after seeing this golden nugget of an idea. We came out strong and put our best idea first because we care about you and your holiday parties. It’s also another alliteration! What more can you want!? Rent (or buy) a karaoke machine, make sure you have plenty holiday cheer to go around, and watch as some of your greatest memories-to-be unfold before your eyes.


Movie Themed

This obviously isn’t as good as the aforementioned idea, but it’s still pretty darn good. Let us cater your holiday party with meals from famous Christmas movies. We can make the spaghetti with maple syrup from “Elf” or use themes from “A Nightmare Before Christmas” to whip up a spooky dessert. Though, if you’re like most decent people in the world, you will have multiple favorite Christmas movies. We say, the more the merrier! Mix a “Polar Express” themed hot chocolate stand and the “perfect turkey” from “A Christmas Story” — everyone wins!


Wacky Ornament Exchange

Secret Santas can get awkward. At least with a wacky ornament exchange everyone knows what they’re in for. It’s also by far the easiest idea for everyone involved. Grab the ugliest ornament off your tree, (or that weird, creepy wedding ornament from that couple you hardly know) and bring it to the party! If you love and cherish every single ornament already on your tree, you can always make your own wacky trinket. Take a pine cone and dip it in green paint — mini Christmas tree! Not wacky enough? Attach a pair of tweezers to it with a piece of twine — wacky obscure hygienic Christmas tree!


Culinary (Christmas) Concept #11: Sore throat during the holiday season? Drink a glass of warm eggnog for a 16th-century cure.