Food is one of the first things people consider when planning a wedding. In fact, we would argue that the food is the most important part of the wedding reception, besides the newlyweds of course. So it’s only natural that we have some food for thought on the ever-popular topic of wedding catering.


Plated entrees are nice because it assures everyone gets their food at (more or less) the same time. It also presents a great time to “make your rounds” and go from table to table to greet all of your guests, as most of them should be sitting at their respective tables. As far as the food goes, the standard dishes are typically chicken, beef (or fish), and vegetarian. These are by no means the only options, though we do suggest including a vegetarian option with whatever dishes you choose.


Buffets allow people to choose their own portions and go up for seconds (a guarantee when Culinary Concepts caters the wedding :D). They can also foster your creative side and be used to complement any theme you may have chosen for the wedding. As with the plated entree, it is always suggested you include a vegetarian option for your guests.


No matter your food choice, dinnerware will be needed both to serve the food and to consume it as well.  Culinary Concepts offers sustainable, biodegradable and/or recyclable options in lieu of the plastic disposable dinnerware that is commonly used in place of china.  We offer dinnerware that is made out of bamboo, which is completely biodegradable and more sturdy than their plastic counterparts. Everything else we use is also either biodegradable or recyclable, ranging from the napkins to the serving trays. It may not be as prevalent as many of the other hundred choices you’ll have to make for your wedding, but we feel it’s worth noting.

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We also offer affordable wedding cakes, because we know how crazy wedding cake prices can be. And we also know that extra money can be used towards your honeymoon. You can thank us later. In addition to catering, we can also host events at our private 50-person dining room.

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Culinary Concept #6: Practice a light hand with herbs and spices – you can always add more.