We have had two wonderful experiences at Culinary Concepts:

Our daughter’s graduation’s party with friends and family was wonderful. The venue was intimate to allow for nice conversation and toasting without a microphone, yet spacious looking with the open kitchen concept and the large windows. We even had room for dancing and the kids to run around. The food was lovely, fresh and plenty, and Roger was very easy to work with. He put just enough pressure on me with the details to keep me organized. The location of the facility was convenient for travelers as it is right off of Route 46.

Our second party was a Christmas cookie making party with the girls. We split up in groups of five and each group baked their designated cookie “type” accompanied by the pastry chef who had all the ingredients ready for us to mix and bake! A light lunch was prepared for us to pick on while we shared a few bottles of wine and waited our turn. Roger was extremely helpful with the design of the party and getting everything I needed, from special food requests to renting wine glasses. The place is clean and pretty, and the parking is awesome.

I look forward to our January party at Culinary Concepts.

Gina Marie Maffettone, CPT, CGFT
Embracing Fitness

What I love about Culinary Concepts is every time I’ve been to an event or party they catered their food and display always matches or defines the theme or feel of the party. What I enjoy about Culinary Concepts is that event or meal is an original experience. I’m sure everyone will tell you how fresh and delicious all their food is. I expect that. What I feel separates them is the original experience you will have.

Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor Portrait Artist

I want to thank you for taking care of me and my family on Thanksgiving. We had twenty four people and that was quite a crowd for us. Your appetizers were remarkable. The main course and sides were perfect. The desserts, however, were a problem. Everybody wanted to eat each of the desserts, but had already eaten too much and had no room. My wife and I also appreciated the way your servers attend to our guests. They cleaned up after our event and made this experience wonderful. This was a “memory” event and is still being discussed.

Harvey Gilbert
Harvey H. Gilbert Esq.

First, I can hardly begin to describe the quality and variety of food, combined with great service, that Roger and his team have delivered at the nearly dozen events I’ve attended and he has catered. Far beyond that, he has been exceptionally accommodating to specific dietary and allergy issues of his guests. I have both a gluten and nut allergy and at every event I’ve attended I was personally assured that both situations were considered and I was able to enjoy the full experience of what he and his team had created. Thanks Roger!

Cal Thomas
Sandler Training

I’ve enjoyed Roger’s food for years and was very pleased with the overall experience provided by his firm Culinary Concepts Corp for my girlfriend Karen’s surprise 50th birthday party at my house recently.

All the guests raved about the delicious food as well as the lovely presentation and a number of people are interested in hiring them for their next the affair…

He and his company proved invaluable in menu planning, setup, serving right through to clean up!

I highly recommend Culinary Concepts Corp… you can’t go wrong with their personal attention and caring service, not to mention their tasty food… 2 Thumbs up!

Steven Riecker

Back in May of this year our company, David Taylor Design (www.davidtaylordesign.com) held its first open house where we invited approximately 35 colleagues from our professional business development group, EANJ (www.eanj.com).

We asked Roger, based on several recommendations, to work with us to come up with a meal that would stand out in the minds of our guests.  I decided to go with a Latin-themed event and Roger worked closely with me to create and execute an amazing spread. Everyone was stuffed to the gills and couldn’t stop talking about how awesome the food was for weeks after.  Go figure!  ;>

Tanya Marks
David Taylor Design

Culinary Concepts Corporation is an outstanding location for immerging food-based companies to grow their business. This site has passed the state food and safety requirements and is replete with kitchen appliances and working space to complement your culinary needs.

At Rosetta’s Farm Spices we create smoked chili spice blends and a challenge in our production process is to ventilate the dried airborne spice dust. In 2013, we had a specific need to locate a facility with commercial food ventilation and had searched several alternate locations unsuccessfully for five months until finding Culinary Concepts via a 24-7 network meeting.


Roger Pierson, the owner of Culinary Concepts gave me the kitchen tour and shared his vision of providing a clean and certified space for food entrepreneurs. His friendly demeanor and confidence to succeed were the attributes that appealed to me. Afterward our conversation I became the first of many highly satisfied organizations to cultivate their products at the incubator facility of Culinary Concepts.

An excellent idea for our success

Bill Devine, CEO
Rosetta's Farm Spices
Culinary Concepts catered our “Friday Lunches” every Friday in December and we could not have been more satisfied. From the Lamb Gyros to the Chicken and Steak Holiday lunch, everything was perfect. The food was delivered in a timely manner and there was always plenty of food for my team of 8. I highly recommend utilizing their services for all of your catering needs.
Joe Giovannoli
I love the new container packaging of the meals (so I can heat up the meals directly in their containers now). I had the “marinated skirt steak” meal for lunch today – the steak was very tender and quite tasty!  And the side items were excellent also!
Connie A. Mascioli, President & CEO
Ridgedale Business Solutions
I tried the salmon last night.  It was great!  I will be ordering again.  
        Ordered food of individual meals delivered to home/office.
Mark Retik
Meal plan ordering client